History Speaks In Marathon: The Ice Ages in Wisconsin

More than 60 people attended the first History Speaks in (Your Town). This one was held in Marathon City at the Village Hall at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, October 20, 2017. 

What role did the Ice Ages play in shaping Wisconsin topography? When was the last cycle of Wisconsin glaciation? In this presentation, Dr. Keith Montgomery outlined the Ice Age in Wisconsin and its effects on our landscape and resources. He discussed Ice Ages in general, including the causes of such climates and what we can learn today from these ancient climate shifts.

Dr. Keith Montgomery is a Professor of Geography and Geology and is Regional Executive Officer and Dean at UW-Marathon County.

The presentation was supported by the Marathon County Historical Society and the Continuing Education office of UW-Marathon County.

The Historical Society is grateful to Janke Book Store and to Compass Properties for their sponsorship of the History Speaks series, and to the Larry and Elsie Lohr Fund for its support for History Speaks in (Your Town).

For more information, please call the Marathon County Historical Society at 715-842-5750.