From The Archives

Two Men and a Dog

A misplaced photograph of two men and their dog speaks to the brief career of an early Marathon County photographer.

The Famous Face of Bill Hayes

Wausau native Bill Hayes was part of a truly historic moment during World War II.

A Seasonal Buyer's Guide from 1949

An seasonal example of A.C. Langlois' buyer's guide, the Wisconsin Valley News from December 6, 1949.

Rereading the Local Headlines from Pearl Harbor

On the 75th Anniversary of the suprise attack at Pearl Harbor, which was the start of direct American involvement in World War Two, we revisit the edition of the Wausau Daily Record Herald from December 7th, 1941.

"The Greatest Occasion in the History of Wausau" 1928

The story of the first visit by a sitting U.S. President to Marathon County: dubbed "the greatest occasion in the history of Wausau"

Football-Watching Tips from Employers' Mutual

In 1951, Employers' Mutual of Wausau (later Wausau Insurance) published a small, 32-page booklet by Irwin Rickel, who gave tips on how to watch the sport of football. In the forward, the then head coach of UCLA, Henry "Red" Sanders, stated that it was "the best football booklet of its kind I have ever seen both from a standpoint of authenticity and in its manner of presentation."

Safety Education from Employers' Mutual

The Employers Mutual Liability Company of Wausau (Wausau Insurance) published A Guide Book in Safety Education by G. W. Bannerman in 1937.

The Neillsville Trolley (and other photographic feats of James Colby)

In the early years of the 20th Century, Wausau photographer James M. Colby was experimenting with some interesting techniques in developing photographs, including changing the landscapes of Central Wisconsin towns.