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W.A. Edward's Remedy Wagon

A recent donation hints at an unusual moment in Marathon County history in the story of William A. Edwards' remedy wagon.

The Socialist Chef of Wausau

This February marks the 100th anniversary of the election of Wausau chef and restaurateur, Herman A. Marth to the Wisconsin Assembly. His election was a surprise that few saw coming, because Marth won the election on the Socialist Party ticket.

The Opera House Fire of 1892

On a frigid morning in January 1892, Wausau’s Opera House—and a large portion of the block—was lost to a fire. Wausau had endured fires that were more costly in both property and human lives lost, but the loss of the Opera House was a polarizing event that would lead to the professionalization of the fire department and tough questions for the management of the city.

'The March King' Visits Wausau

Ninety years ago, Wausau was host to a concert by John Philip Sousa. The “March King” was partially though his 35th annual tour, and stopped in Wausau for about 12 hours between November 4th and 5th, 1927.

Darrell Holubetz and the Brokaw Ski Jump

On a brisk afternoon in 1948, Darrell Holubetz began his slide down the ski jump off Stark Street. After speeding down the ramp, he launched into the air and struck a practiced pose to keep himself upright as he flew. After several exhilarating seconds in the air, he straightened out and stuck a landing for a 47 foot jump.

Ski Jumping in Marathon County

In 1926, the building of a ski jump in Rothshild led to a large interst in ski jumping across the greater Wausua area. Over the next decade, more ski jumps were built and thousands of spectators were thrilled to see these young men launch themselves into their on wooden skis.

Two Men and a Dog

A misplaced photograph of two men and their dog speaks to the brief career of an early Marathon County photographer.

The Famous Face of Bill Hayes

Wausau native Bill Hayes was part of a truly historic moment during World War II.

A Seasonal Buyer's Guide from 1949

An seasonal example of A.C. Langlois' buyer's guide, the Wisconsin Valley News from December 6, 1949.

Rereading the Local Headlines from Pearl Harbor

On the 75th Anniversary of the suprise attack at Pearl Harbor, which was the start of direct American involvement in World War Two, we revisit the edition of the Wausau Daily Record Herald from December 7th, 1941.